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Query.AI gives you access to all your data, when and how you need it, providing a simple and effective way to meet your security investigation and response goals while simultaneously reducing costs.

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Seamless access to all your data, where it lives. No centralization required.


Control plane accelerates your investigations and enables high-confidence outcomes.


Fast response actions—easily initiated directly from your browser.

Solution benefits

The Query.AI Technology

How it works

Query.AI transforms your access, investigation, and response (AIR) to streamline your incident response process. Our platform enables complete control of your security investigations, providing:

  • Seamless access to data where it lives
  • Simultaneous search across multiple systems with a single Unified Query Language (UQL)
  • Automated alert enrichment to understand context, impact, and severity for accelerated, high confidence investigations
  • Closed loop, human-driven response actions and incident annotation to case management

All within a single, unified interface: your security investigations control plane

How it works

What people are saying

“With Query.AI, we’ve federated our investigations across a disparate toolset and automated workflows to enrich data with real-time correlations in support of our incident response processes.”
Carl Steeves
VP of information security operations at Fox Corporation
“When developing sustainable security monitoring programs, vendors must strive to make them both easy to use and simple to integrate with existing tools. I believe Query.AI sets the standard."
Chris Borkenhagen
CIO at Docker, Inc.
“With Query.AI, we can centralize access and analyze data to enable faster, high-confidence outcomes for incident response.”
Joe Oney
Security operations manager at Hogan Lovells
"The structure of your approach is very clever. I love the simplicity with user-friendly queries, quick easy setup, and no data duplication."
Global Retailer
Security Analyst

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