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Query.AI is a decentralized data access and analysis technology that unlocks the power of your data by unifying disparate platforms, without traditional methods of moving your data to a central location.

With Query.AI, you can analyze your enterprise security data—directly from your browser—in a query language-, location-, and platform-neutral way to empower security operations, eliminate complexity, and improve cost effectiveness.

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The Query.AI Technology

How it works

The solution’s on-demand and API-driven, browser-based architecture means you don’t need to transfer any data or make any infrastructure investments to manage your security investigations.

Simply point your browser to your data, wherever it lives, and apply the solution’s NLP-assistive technology to simultaneously query your data across multiple platforms.

How it works

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What people are saying

"Query.AI has vastly reduced the time and effort required in my security investigations providing easy access to the data I need, when I need it.”
F1000 Financial Company
Security Analyst
“When developing sustainable security monitoring programs, vendors must strive to make them both easy to use and simple to integrate with existing tools. I believe Query.AI sets the standard."
Chris Borkenhagen
CIO at Docker, Inc.
"The structure of your approach is very clever. I love the simplicity with user-friendly queries, quick easy setup, and no data duplication."
Global Retailer
Security Analyst
"This tool helps in many areas our SOAR is not so hot... Namely search, visualizations, and assistive-AI (Virtual) analyst."
F500 Retailer
Security Analyst

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