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Cybersecurity Investigations

A modern approach to security investigations

Get centralized insights from decentralized data to more quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively address security threats.

Accelerate Your Cybersecurity Investigation
and Responses

Embrace Data Silos

No universal data centralization required. Access, investigate, and respond to data in the cloud, in SaaS applications, or on-prem with our API-driven approach.

Simplify Incident Management

Hello fast, high-confidence outcomes. Simultaneously normalize, aggregate, enrich, visualize, and analyze alert data that lives across cybersecurity systems with our unified browser interface.

Amplify People Power

Make your team productive, more quickly. Give your team the flexibility to ask questions via text, natural language, UQL, or any tool’s specific syntax.

Enjoy Quick and Easy API Integrations with Your
Cloud, SaaS, and On-Prem Technologies

Simply use your credentials or pop in some API keys, and you’ll be on your way to more
efficient cybersecurity investigations with a unified browser interface.

Customer Quotes

“The Query.AI platform eliminates the multiple searches across individual tools. It lets us quickly gain context to determine which alerts are high fidelity by allowing us to easily access what each system says about each alert. Our team has greater accuracy with less clicks and time required to reach an outcome. By eliminating the search pivots across tools, we now have confidence in our incident response decisions, and have improved our security posture.”

Joe Oney
Hogan Lovells

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