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We Believe

The power of data is not found in where it resides but in one's ability to simply access and analyze it to glean knowledge and meaningful security insights.

At Query.AI, we are committed to helping companies unlock the power of their security data, so they are empowered to meet security investigation and response goals while simultaneously reducing costs.

We do this by providing the market’s only security investigations control plane for modern enterprises. Our patented browser-based platform delivers real-time access and centralized insights across on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS applications, without duplicating data from its native locations.



Our leadership team is passionate about driving innovation in security for our customers and partners with more than 40 years collective cyber security experience.


Our Advisors

Our advisors are innovators and technologists with a proven track record of success.


Our Investors and Board

Our investors and board members are best in class thought leaders in the area of cybersecurity, science, and technology.

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